Saturday, July 5, 2014

Earth Tones ... a favorite

Over at Less Is More the challenge today is Earth Tones.  Well those are some of my favorite colors as anyone that has ever been to my home can verify.  :) 

I used Baked Sugar on the sentiment; Peeled Paint, Broken China and Peacock Something on the leaves.  I tried using SU colors but the leaves are very yellow and after testing on one of the smaller leaves I realized I had to move to the Distressed inks in order to retain good color.

The leaves turned out really nice after that.  Laying them out was a bit of a challenge because they were still wet; I was afraid to hit them with the heat gun.  So I am really pleased I don't have any smudges.  Here is a close up:

This little card started out several weeks back for a challenge called NBUS (Never Before Used Schtuff) over at Darnall Knauss' blog; but like most cards these days it was only an idea and a base card until this morning. Yay.

The leaves are from SU and go back to 2002 and I'm fairly certain I saw some lovely card made with them and just had to have it; they've been sitting in the very bottom of my SU supply drawer ever since.  So sad. 

ok ... I'm fishing here, but not for compliments, I need honest feedback.. I struggle with CAS because I'm never able to capture that wow factor. While this card is nice, I look at it and think something is still missing. This is where my creativity lets me down, I can't figure out what is missing. If this was your card, what would have done to complete it, make everyone say "Wow!!"?

Anyway, it was nice to play in my craft room this morning... in my PJs .... drinking my 20oz cup of tea ..... listening to Katy Perry ..... I have to admit, that is a pretty nice way to start the day.  Only 9 more years to retirement and I can do that every morning.  LOL 

Thanks for stopping by. 

PS:  Darnell I got your message, I'll be reaching out to you sometime today. 


  1. think this is fab as it is, I wouldn't do anything else. you have given me ideas of how to use the pile of leaves I have....thank you.

  2. I agree, I think you have captured the "wow factor" with the layers of leaves and the three gold dots. When I first started with CAS designs, I always felt something was missing. Give yourself some time to settle into the style. This is beautiful!

  3. Okay...just scrolled through the rest of your blog and now I feel like an idiot. You don't need to take time to settle into the CAS OWN it! Your creations are lovely through and through. New follower!!

  4. I think this card is beautiful -it doesn't need anything else! Margaret

  5. Great take on this weeks Lim card. Jan ltc Lim Gdt

  6. Oh hun, this is just super gorgeous and beautiful! Love the colours, adore the leaves. Hugs xx

  7. carole this is stunning... just love those leaves
    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen xx
    Less Is More

  8. Carole you do CaS cards so well. This one is fabulous just as it is. I love that you are using your old stash, I bet loads of us have something that was once a must have and then suddenly went out of fashion.
    Lynne xxx

  9. hi carole!! I think this is an absolutely amazing CAS design... has the "wow" factor to me!

  10. This is ADORABLE Carole, I'm sure I've got some leaves like that somewhere but never tried colouring them.
    Looks amazing and perfect challenge card.
    Thanks so much for sharing and taking part.
    Sarah xx
    Less is More

  11. Seriously - nothing else is required. This card has a POP factor with your beautiful color choice against the white base. GF you ROCKED your CAS card!!!

  12. Your card is awesome as is! The 3 gold dots really finished it off. Thanks for bringing out those leaves. The coloring is really wonderful. I know I have some way back in my stash & I'm going to go play with them

  13. Definitely WOW Carole!
    Margaret x

  14. Carole I think the whole WOW factor that this card has is thanks to its simplicity - fab CAS creation!
    Thank you for joining us at Less is More
    LIM Designer

  15. This already how the CAS "WOW" factor! Awesome job, you nailed it!

  16. It's great to see you back with us again Carole, we've missed your fabulous work. This is no exception... gorgeous card!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  17. I love the card as is! The transparency of the leaves provides the WOW for me!

  18. I love this caught my eye so I had to come and have a good look.. :) hug Sylvie x

  19. Hi Carole, Great to see you:D This new card is gorgeous, I haven't seen skeleton leaves for ages and I love them. No problems at all with this very stylish card :D x

  20. These leaves are gorgeous, Carole. They certainly don't need anything else. I think successful CAS design is having confidence to leave things off. :)

  21. Hi Carole

    So lovely to hear from you .. .. but please, please, please never apologise when visiting my blog. I am now officially the world's worst blogger.

    My blog visiting wings have been clipped big time as there just isn't enough time in the day to fit much in. A quick catch up where I can early morning and that seems to be me nowadays.

    Pleased you are back to crafting as you have a lovely style that needs to be shared.

    I love what you have posted here .. .. it does have the WOW! factor. You just don't see it because you made it! We are our own worst critics!

    Hope you are having a good week and the world is being kind to you.

    Love Jules xx

  22. Oh Carole this card is so fabulous! I thought I had left a comment earlier but no it seems not....sorry! :) hugs Viv xx

  23. How's this for being late to commenting on a post that has my name in it and everything?! Sorry, Carole, I'm so far behind and glad to have this chance to catch up tonight. I didn't read the other comments, so I have no idea what the other suggestions were, but I have to start out by first saying that I really do LOVE this card!! The thing is, I have some of these leaves, too, and I have never ONCE thought about coloring them. The result is positively breathtaking!! I will be stealing this idea, for sure, so thank you!!

    Having come to this post from your newest post, I have to say that it is not obvious to me that you struggle with CAS. It seems to me you rock CAS, but validating your feelings and your request for help, this is what I would do with this design.

    I love the square. I love the colored leaves (blues/greens are my home colors, too), so I would have made it just like you did. At that point in my process, I take my card and put it across the room (it's not that far away, just a couple of feet will do) and set it on the shelf at about eye level. And I just look at it. Sometimes, that's it. That tells me I'm done. Don't mess with it kind of thing.

    But if I was thinking I wanted a banner, I would make the banner and then use a not-too-sticky pop dot or repositionable tape and just barely place it in a spot. Then stare at it from across the room again. More often than not, by looking at it from this perspective, I can mostly tell when the card is happy and done. If I weren't sure, or just to be sure, I would move the banner around to this area and that area until I get that "ah ha" moment or decided I didn't like it in any position - which tells me to leave it off.

    I'm thinking for this one, the embellishment beads might not be necessary or they might have looked better outside the square? Sometimes they can distract from your focal point. But it's hard to know (for me) until I try them inside and out. If I can, I'll play with them, too. I'll stick them to a tiny piece of post-it note and put them here and there, which gives me that feel w/o wrecking the card. And I would do the same process of looking at it from across the room. So that's my method.

    If you still have this card and don't mind, try playing with it and see what you think. Don't ruin it to do that, however, as it really is gorgeous the way it is!!! Maybe try this method with a similar card.

    It's easy to say that you are too hard on yourself or don't be too hard on yourself, but we really start blogs to share and show off our work, don't we, and there is nothing like receiving compliments from our peers. So for me, one of the best things that built up my confidence was entering challenges. Knock on wood, I have never gotten a nasty comment and I have to say, if you get consistent positive feedback for your work, you can't help but start believing in yourself and your cards!

    Sorry to waffle on, as my British friends would say. People never make the mistake of asking for advise in my presence twice because I never know when to stop talking!! Do let me know if you find merit in this or any of this works for you. Hugs, Darnell

  24. Dang. It didn't seem THAT long when I was typing it in this little tiny box!! Sorry!!

    1. You go right ahead and waffle on Darnell. I truly appreciate the feedback. My cards are a hit and miss; I think that is mostly due to the long periods away from my craft room. I have hopes that with the hiring of all new staff, strong capable people, I might be able to spend more time creating and thereby develop more. :) Hugs to you ... Carole