Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Retirement and my baby

I'm almost ashamed to post this card it's so unremarkable, however it was for one of the nicest executives I've had the pleasure of working with in my 40 years with this company, so I just had to put it up. 

Nicholas is one of those rare executives in Corporate America that is not driven by a co-workers title.  He is always pleasant to everyone, from the top dog right on down to the file and mailroom clerks. 

He retired last Friday and I already miss his "good morning" hellos' which he greeted me with each day as he walked by my desk. 

He and his lovely wife are planning on spending time with their grand kids and doing a bit of travel.  In true fun form, Nicholas is sure his wife will eventually get tired of him being under foot all the time and will more than likely send him back in to the job market, if only to get something part-time.  He suspects we'll all see him greeting people at the Walmart doors.  LOL

I hardly think so, anyone would be lucky to add Nicholas to their work force, even on a part-time basis or better yet as a mentor for some of the arrogant college grads who know nothing about anything but think they should be the CEO after paying their dues for a whole 6 months.  UGH!

Now on to some more fun stuff .......
My son and his lovely partner had some professional pictures taken of them with the baby.  He sent them to the family in a .pdf file so we could look them over and decide which one we wish to have, so the quality is horrible.  I converted two of them in Photoshop, but even my mega program couldn't clean up the issues, but that's ok because I only needed to be able to see them well enough to make my order.  It was a tough decision, but I went with all of them.   Use to do that same thing when I had pictures made of the boys when they were little.  It just seemed wrong to leave any of them behind. :)

So here are my sad temporary pictures of Austin, Mommy and Daddy until I get the real deal. 

I love having all three of them in a picture. I think I'll get this one in 8x10 for my desk.  This is a lovely picture of Vicky, she is so very beautiful, she looks like she's about 16 in this picture but she is 28.  Jeff is 33.  There is another one of her and Austin that is go beautiful it makes me want to weep. 

This is my absolute favorite.  I want this one in 11x14 and its going in my living room.  Not sure where, but I'll make a spot.  It's wonderful that the background is green because it will go nicely with the colors in my home. 

There are also some gorgeous pictures of Vicky and Jeff holding Austin individually (the one that makes me watn to weep is in that group) but I'll have to share those once I get the actual pictures, could be a few months since they will be coming from Australia. 

Thank you for stopping in and hope everyone is well.