Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shopping Therapy

I've been working 7 days a week again; last day off was the Sunday before my last post.  :(

Getting real discouraged with the work situation and desperately want to retire.  Unfortunately I need to work a few more years before I can kiss the working world good-bye (or more likely, give it the central finger solute). 

So in order to cheer myself up I decided a bit of shopping was in order.  Some women shop for clothes, purses, shoes or jewelry when they need a little shopping therapy; but I decided to break into my savings account and hit Ellen Hutson's.  I was so happy to see the new Fawn Lawn and Mama Elephant sets.  I even bought more dies ...... because clearly I have an addiction where dies are concerned.  Some day I will get up the courage to take a picture of my dies, but only when I'm ready for a 12-step program.  LOL

I am scheduled to be off the third week of November and I might be able to take the last weekend of this month off.  If I do, I'm going to sleep one day away and then lock myself in the craft room and play with my new items.  The week off in November is tasked for making my Christmas cards. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that my time off doesn't get cancelled, and crossing my toes and fingers when playing lotto so I don't have to worry about social security or my 401k seeing through to the end of life.  :D

So anyway, here is the shopping spree that cheered me up, and thankfully I do not have purchase remorse, it was worth the dipping into savings. 

Hope everyone is having a great end of summer early fall.  Winter is just around the corner .... YAY!!!!