Monday, August 11, 2014

Does drying time count ......

I've make my first 10 minute card if texture paste drying time doesn't count.  :)

This card is for the Colour Me! Challenge and Less Is More change from this last week.  At LIM its one-layer-card week using foliage, and over at CMC it Monochromatic using Pistachio Pudding (one of my new favorite colors).

The colors on the card look to be more than just PP but that truly is the only color used.  The backgound leaves were inked in with dabbers using the diecut template.  The texture leaf was sprayed with undiluted PP re-inker which did not come out anywhere near the actual color that is pulled off the pad.  I went over the sentiment with a clear glitter pen, which IRL looks no different than the stenciled background leaves; however in the picture it changed colors on me.  I think its the reflection that changes it since I've run into this before.   I envisioned something much prettier, but OLC's are my personal bane. 

Also meant to add ..... does using paste qualify on OLC?  I wasn't sure if it would be considered a "layer". 

We finished month end close yesterday so I made a point to get up early today to get back in the craft room.  I started another card for CMC when the current challenge was posted that I worked on over the few minutes of personal/home time I had this last 10 days, Unfortunately it was piece type work and I managed to lose some of the little pieces over the week so it was tossed this morning.  That will be a definite redo in the future because the portion that was completed, was looking really good. 

Thanks for stopping by, I plan to carve out some time in the evenings this week to leave comments.