Saturday, June 8, 2013

Self-made SU Clear Mount case inserts

For a couple of years now, I have been trying to get someone at SU! to acknowledge an idea regarding blank inserts for the clear mount cases.  Emails, phone calls even one old fashion letter with a postage stamp!  But there has been absolutely no acknowledgement, not even a "your idea makes us laugh-out-loud... go away!"

The idea is to provide the Stampin Up header that is currently on the CM sets in a JPEG or PDF template so those of us that are removing our stamp sets from the wood, can make inserts that will blend nicely when stored with our new clear mounts.  I would even consider buying their software just to get my hands on a blank template. 

Well, this morning I pulled out one of my favorite old sets (All Holidays) to make a birthday card and decided phttt on SU, I'll make the insert myself.

I needed to scan an existing insert so I used Wetlands (just arrived yesterday) because the title is a single word; thought it would make the process easier.  The insert was scanned and saved as a JPEG file; pulled it up into Photoshop; cropped/copied the header (leaving behind the elements of the actual Wetlands set) and set it up in a different file.  From there I edited out the title in order to have a clean blank template and saved it as a Photoshop file (.psd).  I admit, it took almost an hour but I think it turned out pretty well. 

The next step was to scan the nasty insert from All Holidays that I had made when I removed the wood.  Again saved as a JPEG, then I cut out the individual sentiments in Photoshop; copied them into the blank .psd template; arranged the the sentiments in a more pleasing manner and saved the final back to a JPEG.  If SU ever comes out with a template (digital or paper), I'll buy it in a heart beat, mostly because this one isn't crisp and the color is off by a couple shades.  Until then, this one will do. 

Below are pictures of the set with the old handmade insert and then with the new computer generated insert.  The only change I think I will make, is to include the number of stamps and the year the set originated.

Its gorgeous out today so I'm off to enjoy it while it's still possible.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  ~ Carole

Front view - old insert

Side view - old insert

New All Holidays insert from old wood set
Side view for new label