Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The construction on the craft room and office has officially completed.  The paint is dry, the carpet in and all the wall shelving is up; now comes the hard part ..... putting it all back together. 

Looking into the craft room from the hallway

I really wanted to sort through everything and get it in perfect order before putting everything back in the units, but now I'm just hoping I can toss out some stuff as I go along and will figure out how to truly organize later ..... as in maybe over Christmas break in December.  :D  For now, everything is going back in the craft room in any open space I can find or make.  Very little is organized at this point with the exception of the new shelving unit behind the craft table. 

The office will definitely be done by this weekend.  It only required the books going back into the shelves and since I don't put books in any order (other than book series) it has been the easiest room to restore.  The only hold up in there is getting my larger books put up on those top shelves which requires climbing a ladder.  Between my vertigo and bad back, I don't climb ladders anymore so I have to depend on the kindness of my friends to come by and help.  Thankfully I have been blessed with some pretty awesome friends. 

Come Saturday, no matter what, I WILL be back in the craft room making a card .... any card ... even a one-layer-card.  It may take extra effort to find all the needed supplies since everything is just tossed willy-nilly in there, but I refuse to go another weekend without crafting in my own space.  So that will be my end goal for this week: make one card in remodeled craft room.  How hard can that be?  Really?  LOL  LOL   

I hope everyone is well and having a great spring. 

New shelving unit behind craft table: The large containers on the floor contain all my 12x12 papers and card stocks.  I still have to label them, but of them are Basic Grey DPs, one is SU! cardstock and the last one is SU! DP.  The small white boxes will eventually be covered with some bright DPs and will contain various embellishments.  Several have already been filled with SU! supplies.   
Looking across craft table at new wall unit.
PS - The painting of Captain Jack Sparrow was made for me by a wonderful girl at a fan site we both belong to.  It is truly a nice piece of art and will get the frame it deserves soon.  

SU! punch storage hanging on the back of the closet door.  I will mount another one on the wall next to the door unit. 
The card stock bins and jars are set, all other items need to be sorted through.  The bins hold my SU! card stock with the exception of two bins which have various weight non SU card stocks and one bin with all my Bazzill stock. 

The efla drawer unit used to run linear starting behind the craft table. With the removal of the closet I pushed it down and around the corner.  This leaves more room behind the craft table and makes the space seem much bigger than it really is.  I have some of those "floating" shelves to put up on the walls behind these units.