Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's official ..... Home For Sale

It took months, but the house is finally ready to put on the market.  The biggest problem with getting the house ready to show was my work schedule.  Working 6 and 7 days a week doesn't leave much time for taking care of personal matters.  However I managed to get it done and now it is ready for the brokers open house on Thursday.  

We are supposed to get more rain this week, which is great, because that way my yard will look just as green as it does now (picture above taken this morning.)  Curb appeal is what my SIL and brother keep saying, that and the fact that the house has been remodeled within the last 6 years. 

The craft room was the first to be packed up and my SIL had to do it for me.  I kept getting bogged down in sorting and organizing instead of just packing.  I did manage to make selections for what I would not pack and that came out to be four 46.6 quart watertight containers.  They are currently in the craft room closet waiting for me to find a temporary place to live.   

Below is a picture of the craft room from a few weeks back.  This was the night before the movers came to pack up the big pieces and take them to storage.  The only thing left in the craft room is the table, everything else has been stored.  Weekend before last the walls were re-textured and painted to repair the holes from the shelving.  I will not be hanging any shelving in the new house until I am 100% sure it is staying put. 

Thats all for now.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moving to a new home ....

Not sure how many are still out there hanging with me but I have some news.

I am building a new home.  The blue prints or builders plans were approved last week and should be sent back to the contractor by mid-week.  If the weather holds and we don't get too many late spring or summer storms, I should be able to move in by January; February at the latest.

I will be spending any free time over the next two weeks purging this house of 20+ years of junk so it can go on the market by the end of June. 

Everything in the house will have to go into storage until the new home is ready for move-in.  I have most of the craft room in boxes (40 small boxes so far) and I spent far too much time struggling on what to put in a couple carriers so I can craft if I have time between now and January. 

So far that has filled a 40 qt container with the following:.
~MFT and PTI Multi Pack card stock
~Watercolor and Neenah white papers
~Copic Markers
~Approximately 24 Ink pads (various) including a pad w/ embossing ink
~Tools: Misti, mini ScorPal, papercutter, scissors, heatgun, needle-nose gripper, gridpaper, Big Shot w/ plates (this is in a separate totebag)
~Zig watercolor pens
~White and gold embossing powders
~Mixed color sequins
~18 Stamp sets: 3 floral, 3 cute animal sets, 2 Christmas, 5 sentiment sets, 5 miscellaneous
~adhesives: double-sided tape, Stick-it, Multi-medium, glue dots, demensional tabs, Tombow rolling tape
~Dies: geometric shapes (2), frame dies (6), sentiment dies (2), coordinating dies for selected stamp sets
~Washi tapes (for cards as well as for working techniques)

So if you were going to be displaced for 8 to 9 months and you have only one container or maybe a tote bag or two, what would you take?