Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer In Texas .........

This is the 10 day forecast for Dallas Texas ......

I'm looking into property in Alaska ..... I am not a summer person and these temps are depressing the hell out of me. I'm literally house bound if I'm not at work. Not sure who is getting those 70's at night because a 3:30 this morning on my way into work, the temp was 90!!

I loathe summertime. :(


  1. Ditto! And I ought not complain because we've only been in the 90s for weeks....but I'm in Colorado and it's not supposed to be like this!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I moan about the weather here in the UK but I couldn't cope with that heat - you have my sympathy!! xx

  3. Oh wow Carole .. .. now that is warm!!!

    I don't think I could handle that .. .. but then I can also remember those big snow scene pictures you posted just a few months ago .. .. not sure I would like those either!!

    I think I will stick to the wet English weather that we have here today and be grateful!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. Hear you on the heat. The weather is odd everywhere lately!