Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Four of Dallas Under Winter Conditions

Standing in my front door, looking directly across the street.

Standing in my front doorway looking south.

Standing in my garage looking into the alley and at my poor PT buried in 6 inches of snow. Not to mention the ice that is still sitting under that snow.

I don't know how people live in harsh winter climates. I can't begin to imagine how they deal with ice and snow that falls in massive quantities compared to what Dallas has been getting these last few days. Granted, Dallas is simply not equipped to handle this kind of weather whereas the regions where this is common do have a means. But there are still those days when even areas known for their winter weather have to give way to nature. My hat is off to everyone that lives under these conditions and handles it without going bat-shit-crazy; because .... it's day four here and I'm crafted out, can't bring myself to watch the idiot box and have no desire to curl up with a book. I just want to get in one of my cars and drive somewhere. Even to the mall if thats the only choice. Which is really saying something because I'm one of only a handful of women in the world that loathes shopping and shopping malls. LOL

With all that said, it sure is pretty out. Very quiet and peaceful. That's the one thing about snow in Dallas, no one goes out so the traffic and other outdoor noise pollution ceases. I swear you can hear the snow flakes hitting the ground. :)

I think I'll open the blinds and hope for a squirrel or bunny to venture out.

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