Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

A couple weeks back the elements for this card were included in my WOYWW post. Well I finally finished it. I'm pretty pleased with it even though I couldn't find the ribbon I wanted to use. I struggled with the whole "black" theme for a teens card, but I received a lot of encouragement so I stuck with it.

This is a birthday card for my bbf middle daughter. Arin is a fabulous kid; straight A student, in the international exchange program, student body president and captain of her volleyball team. I know we adults are not supposed to have favorites, but Arin has been mine since she was 2 years old. She has been my movie buddy for years and even tried her hand at crafts just to please me. Once she goes off to college I will miss her terribly.

Her Mom blames me for all of Arins' bad habits saying I've rubbed off on her. :D Yes, that makes me smile and pleases me to no end. Arin is the girl I never had. I wish she was older so I could set her up with one of my boys and keep her in my life forever, but I know that no matter where Arin goes in life, we will stay connected.

It's a simple card, with just black and pink card stock, stickles, glitter, ribbon and of course pearls. The thin frame of pink is actually the underside of the popped up layer; which I ran stickles over it to give it some sparkle. The stamped "sweet" was one of those $1 stamps from Michaels, the clipboard is Basic Grey and the ribbon was in the scrap jar; no clue who the manufacturer is. Pretty easy; amazing I can turn such a simple card into a two week project. LOL

This is my last post for today. Plano is suffering with blackouts which I initially thought were planned/structured, however my best friend just called me and said that it is not; Plano is having issues. The power keeps going out every 40 minutes or so, and unfortunately it's so cold out that what heat I do have quickly gives way to the cold seeping in from mysterious cracks. My poor heater can't catch up. When I got up at 6am, my house was at 64F, its now down to 55F and if the power continues to fail, I'm sure it will be no time before the indoor temp matches the 19F outdoors.

Security has taken a back seat to the necessity of warmth, so I have opened the outer garage door in case I need to use my car to keep warm. Can't run it in a closed garage and I can't lift that door if the power is out, so I have to leave it open until the outages stop. My driveway is still a sheet of ice, as is the alley, so I can't even drive to anyone's house until the problem is resolved. If someone is out in this weather scouting for things to steal from open garages, then they are desperate and can anything they want ..... except my car. :)

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy,


  1. Your card is very pretty. I hope the electricity stabilizes soon. Hang in there.

  2. Adorable sweet 16 card and the colors are perfect

  3. Arin is a lucky girl to get such a pretty card! Stay warm, brrrrr.....