Sunday, April 8, 2012

Remodeling My Craft Room

Thought I should pop in and make a post to let people know that I'm here but not making cards right now. The reason being that my craft room is stacked up in the garage while I do some remodeling. I have a question at the end of this post, so please feel free to skip past my rambling if you wish and please take a minute to read the question and hopefully help me pick a color for the new room.

I'm working on the two small bedrooms in the back of the house which are my office and craft room. Between these two rooms is a closet that takes up a lot of space in my craft room and has (or I should say had) nothing but boxes of junk in it. By removing the closet I gain 4 feet of space (or just shy of) to the craft room and a nice large wall space that can be used for floor to ceiling book cases in the office. YAY!!

The floorplan above gives a general idea of what I'm having done. The drawing isn't to scale and in fact in the before picture the rooms look to be almost the same size; however that is not the case. The room I use as my office is very narrow and long at 8ft2in by 11ft. The craft room is currently 10ft by 9ft8in but once the remodel is finished it will be a really nice 10ft by 13ft5in.

The expected completion date on the project is April 20th; but thats only for the general contractor work and finished painting. Once he leaves the flooring will go in so I'm anticipating having the rooms ready to redress by the end of April.

If anyone has seen the pictures of my craft room before this remodel, then you know that my work table, shelves, walls and drawer units are white. I was thinking that instead of painting the walls white again, I'd add color. I thought I'd be daring and go with bold bright colors like Cool Caribbean; or Green Galore; maybe even Pixie Pink. Then of course I could go with Blushing Bride or Certainly Celery. If Island Indigo wasn't so dark that would be on the list to. ;)

QUESTION: If your craftroom furniture was all white; would you go with a bold color on the walls, or a pale color? The space will still be rather small and the lighting is limited to one window, one overhead light and two table lamps.

PS - I'm going with carpet floor tiles in the craft room so whatever the wall color is, I plan to match it in the floor coloring.


  1. Hi Carole

    I hope you have had a good Easter.

    How exciting to be re-planning things and jiggling around again.

    I adored your craft room before so just know that whatever you do will be fantastic!! You have such brilliant taste.

    If I was lucky enough to be able to do what you are doing I would go for a pale pastel colour on the walls to keep everywhere light and airy .. .. but this is advice from someone who has no colour scheme or anything matching in her craft pod at all LOL!!!

    Can't wait to see more photographs of the "new look".

    Take care.

    Love and Easter hugs

    Jules xx

  2. Hi Carole,

    This looks so exciting! I'm sure whatever you decide will look fabulous but I think I'd go for something 'in between'; not too bold and not pastel. That's not very helpful at all is it, lol?!!

    Can't wait to see the finished rooms!

  3. OMGosh Carole, This is a big undertaking and what a really neat plan too!!