Saturday, April 21, 2012

Almost Done!!

The craft room is painted, the new light fixture is in, the window seat has been repaired and the carpet is on order. I was going to put in carpet tiles but when I checked them out they were very thin. Since I stand while creating, the thought of standing on a cement floor with a quarter inch of hard loop floor covering did not appeal to my bad back. So I went with a nice thick nylon carpet with a top grade thick pad under it. If its anything like what I put in my bedroom years ago, I'll probably want to sleep on it. LOL!! Carpet will go in by mid week and after that I can begin setting the room to rights again.    YAY!!

 My camera battery is getting low and I can't find the charger in all this chaos so I was not able to get more than a couple pictures before it gave out. :( This will be it for the updates until I find that charger.

This first picture is taken from the closet door looking back to where the actual construction was done. If you look at the floor near the edge of the door, those cut out areas of the carpet is where the office closet used to be.
This is a picture of the window seat that is in the craft room. It has been buried in junk for a year. I'm not sure what I will do with this little space, but it definitely will not be filled back up with junk. Also, the windows look dirty but it's actually the screens I have on my home. They are thick black insolated screens which help keep the house cool in summer and make looking out of the windows a bit iffy.
This picture was taken from the hallway looking back into the craft room.
Below are a couple of pictures of all my craft room suppies and furniture stacked up in the garage. Only the craft table remained in the room during the process since it was easy to move about. Sadly this isn't all of it; there is a very large stack of craft stuff in the master bedroom that could be ruined by the extreme heat of Texas if stored in the garage.


  1. Wow!! So much progress in such a short time Carole!!!

    Your room looks lovely and it is going to be such a lovely task to put everything back again (once you decide where it is all going to go!!).

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Ooh, coming along fabulously Carole!! Love the colour you chose in the end.

    The window seat will look gorgeous with pretty cushions so you can sit there, with a cup of something, and look out on the garden while you think up wonderful designs.

  3. Oooh! Those lights sure add beauty to the room! Are you aiming for a more modern appeal to your new craft room? I agree with Katina! You can place throw pillows there and sip hot coffee while sketching something! I'm excited to see the outcome of this project, I hope you upload photos!

  4. I love the window seat! It makes me feel more relaxed while watching the beautiful garden outside. Anyway, I’ve seen your new craft room and I adore it so much! You’re a very organized person and very artistic too. I just hope that I can be artistic as you are so that I can renovate our house better.

    - Chase Conely -