Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Progress Report

I was excited last night to see the closet was out and everything is ready to go up. So I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures of the craft room progress.

The first two pictures below were taken in the craft room with the closet area that was removed colored in pink. I took these pictures after everything was hauled into the garage. The craft table is small and light enough to be moved out of the way so it remains in the room. Thank goodness because there is not much room left in the garage for anything else; though I still have room for my car. If I remember, I'll take a picture of the garage when I get home this evening and add that to this post.

The first and last pictures are after the closet was removed; the top taken from the office looking into the craft room and the bottom one the reverse.

I selected the paint color last night; it's a very pale shade of yellow with a hint of green in it. Which I guess it not a true yellow and probably explains why I like it. :)

Still no decision on the floor covering, but if I want this project completed by the end of April I'll have to make up my mind before this weekend. At first I thought I'd just put it off until the summer, but the idea of having to move everything into the garage a second time kills my natural tendency towards procrastination. ;)

Thanks for popping in and I hope everyone is well.


  1. TFS, This is awesome to watch!!! I am just now cleaning mine out after Winter. It is yukky!!!

  2. Hi CArole


    What a huge difference .. .. it is going to look fantastic when it is all complete.

    Loving watching the work in progress!

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Love Jules xx