Friday, May 6, 2011

Less is More week 13

This card is for the Less Is More challenge from last week; but unfortunately I was too late this evening to submit it. Its my own fault; I actually made it earlier this week but when I finished it and stepped back to give it the once over, I realized that I had made the whole thing upside down. I really dislike blond moments. LOL

Anyway, I tossed it aside deciding to fix it the next night, but became side tracked with other things. Tonight when I arrived home, I cut the front off and popped it onto a new card base turning it into a layered card. Even though it's too late for LIM, I thought I'd post it anyway.

I can't believe I haven't posted since the17th!! Sure wish I had an interesting excuse however it was just normal life; work, time with friends and working on my bedroom (stripping it of furniture and art then painting it to get ready for the delivery of my new bed!!). I also worked on a few challenges, but really didn't finish anything until tonight. I must have a dozen half complete projects stacked up on my "craft table". Since everyone is gone for the weekend, I might finish some of them up, or they'll end up in the scrap bin like so many of my projects. LOL

Hope everyone is well and for our Mom's here in the US, hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day.

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