Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three Tries -- Three Disasters

First and foremost - Thank you, thank you... Thank You everyone for all the lovely comments you left for me last week. It took me most of the week but I think I got back to all of you. If I missed anyone, send me a quick shout and I'll be sure to swing by. :)

Now on to a down week ..................The following cards were made for this weeks Less Is More Challenge. The challenge for week 10 was to make a one layer card with the sentiment as the focus. For those with talent, this challenge is probably a breeze. For a no-talent wannabe like myself ...........freaking Nightmare!!!!

I am a firm believer that the hardest cards to make are single layer cards. And I'm talking about cards made with real stamps and ink, not digi-cards; because you can layer and layer a digi-card and still have it be only "one" layer. True talent shines bright in one layer cards. I so admire women, and men, who can make OLC's that pop and make people take notice.

So enough of my unsolicited personal opinion.....

Here are the three nightmares I created and to be honest I really have no idea why I am posting these other than I am so mad at how much paper I have wasted trying to make a OLC, that I feel I need to post them. Oh and as a side note, I usually take a dozen or more pictures of every card I make to ensure I get at a least one clean shot. I couldn't be bothered to take more than one for each of these so the lighting is off and I actually cut off the top of the first card. Yes, I am truly that displeased with these cards.

The first card is the worse of the lot. I stamped a flower with Versamark ink then pulled out my old chalks and colored it in. I then stamped a lovely sentiment from Verve Stamps and the botched it with a ink smudge. I didn't even bother to try and hide it using photoshop. The flower screams and makes the sentiment secondary. So failure number one.

Card number two is a bit better, but then I made the mistake of looking at other cards and find that this one is lacking as well and is better suited to line my bird's cage. The lovely sentiment is by Verve Stamps and its called To Risk. The roses are from SU!s Elements of Life set, stamped out in Soft Sky (lovely shade of blue). Failure number two. GRRR

Card number three so so boring, I actually fell asleep while making it. The "sentiment" if you can call it that, is SU!'s Well Scripted. There should be laws in place to keep people like me from posting cards like this. :)

I should have just admired all the other cards out there and left this weeks challenge alone. Live and learn. I apologize for any nightmares these cards cause. Hopefully next week I can provide something pleasing and be forgiven. :D


  1. no nightmares here!! they are all brilliant. I love the middle one. true elegant simplicity!

  2. You are so funny. You are reminding me of myself!!! I happen to like your cards. They are very simply elegant!

  3. I'm still laughing at your descriptions!!! You have confirmed what I've always been told...each of us are our own worse critics! Your cards are really fabulous! I LOVE the second card...that image stamped in the soft color...and the sentiment is great! the moral to this story is...quit being so hard on your creations...they are ALL lovely!!

    I read your bio...and I work in the finance world too...I audit banks and right now it keeps us really busy! Creative finance can definitely get one in trouble! LOL!!

    Had to delete my previous comment...had a typo in it and it made for a screwy sentence!

  4. You are far too critical of your work. We will all get better as these challenges continue. Personally, I like the Congrats the best, maybe it's the ribbon, I'm not sure, but you can certainly congratulate yourself on your creations.

  5. ALL of your cards are great but imho the best one is the congratulations card. So very elegant and stylish, awesome job:-)

  6. I think you are being too critical on yourself
    They are actually better than you think!
    The first, maybe would have been better with the flower at the top rather than bottom and perhaps paler. The second I really like! The last one is my FAV, its so striking and so not boring!
    A true LIMette....thank you Carole
    LEss is More

  7. love your cards, the first is my favorite, great sentiment

  8. Hi Carole

    What are you like?

    I think your cards are really lovely and that you are being hard on yourself.

    OLCs are just so different to most crafters normal way of working/thinking and it is a case of working through the pain barrier I suppose. I think it is all the white space that frightens us.

    You put yourself through the pain barrier three times!! Well done!!

    My favourite is the third one.

    Love Jules xx

  9. They are all lovely the last one is my favourite. Perfect xx Jan

  10. What lovely cards, I really like the simplicity of the last one, it looks so elegant x

  11. You been looking at boring accounts too long girlie! There ain't nothing wrong with these.. hell OK you smudged the first one (they can't kill you for it), but the second one is beautiful - I love the sentiment and the third one is just simply what it is intended to be - Clean and Simple!
    (and in my best posh British accent - 'Actually Rather Nice'!!!!)

  12. I think you are too hard on yourself as there's nothing wrong with either card - I "actually rather like" the last one best of all - does that make me boring toooooozzzzzzz!


  13. Yep! I echo what I've been reading in the other comments here, you're far too hard on yourself! I loved reading your post it made me smile and it reminds me so much of myself, 'keep trying' that's what keeps going through my brain:0) I too think that OLC's are the hardest. Your cards are really great and like them all equally they all have their own style. Isn't this fun!:0) xxx

  14. Hi Carole, these three cards show great dedication to our challenge, an aspiration to achieve and great imagination. They are all so different and each contains its own merits. For me the last one is my favourite, but as you can read, fellow crafters have different choices... so I think you can gather from that that they are not the awful things you appear to believe they are!
    Thanks for three super submissions!
    "Less is More"

  15. Far too hard on yourself - they all show creativity. Personally, I like the middle one, although they are all lovely. Lynn x

  16. I love the second one, but they are all lovely cards, I have the same thoughts in my head every time I make a card lol.
    jenjoy x

  17. I'm with everyone else and think you are being way to hard on yourself. I like the flower on your top one. Your second one is very delicate and your last one is not boring but classy. In other words well done. x

  18. Hi, yes I agree with everyone else... you're being too hard on yourself, your cards are lovely, and I especially like card number 3, I just like embossing xx

  19. I can only repeat what everyone is saying. You are being far too hard on yourself. I think most of us card makers have confidence issues but I don`t think you have anything to worry about. Ok, so the first one is maybe a little too colourful for this challenge but the second ( my favourite) is beautiful. The third one is very elegant. You should be very proud of yourself.
    Lynne xxx