Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOYWW #82 - The 5th Day of Christmas

Since I haven't made a card since Sunday my "workspace" (aka my kitchen counter) is cleared off and not very exciting. I do however have a new workspace that I have been using since Monday night; my sofa and coffee table.

I figure since I'm off this week (our corporate office shuts down for the holidays) why wait until January to attack the office and craftroom. Well, I finished the office Monday and have been attacking the craftroom with some amazing aggression. I have shown no mercy and tossed out things that have not fallen into the "Have I used or needed this in the last six months" category. Of course this category excludes seasonal items and all papers, inks, embellishments, ribbons, so on and so on.

So now I've begun the task of reclaiming space. Before I can reorganize, I need to free-up what space I do have and one way I'm doing that is by removing the rubber stamps from their wood backing. I'm only doing this to my SU sets as they are the largest space hog. I've been watching my favorite movies while I sit and break the sets apart. (I have purchased some thin cling backing that I will put onto the SU stamps. But that will probably happen only as I need/use them.)

The previous pictures are of the sets earmark for todays separation and the sets already separated. the following pics are of a container of wood blocks that will be taken to the curb tomorrow (I've already tossed one box of equal size) and the before and after of the first bookcase that has been reclaimed. :) However, this bookcase will follow the box of wood blocks to the curb because its warped.

It's such a great feeling to get in there and actually make progress on that nightmare. If I'm lucky, next Wednesday I'll have my drafting table back up (it's folded against the wall right now) and be able to share pictures my actual craftroom. Here's hoping that next weeks workspace is cluttered with multiple projects. :)


Thanks for stopping in. :)


  1. Why are you taking the wood part off the stamp? Is that so you can then use the stamp on an acrylic back? Anyway, it's good to get reorganized for the new year. Great job! Happy WOYWW! #4

  2. WOW! Look at all those stamps! Great job of getting reorganizing you've got going on there.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words about my work.

    Happy *almost* New Year to you!!

  3. That is alot of wood blocks. Glad I don't have that many to worry about.
    Happy New Year #64

  4. Holy cow! That's a lot of stamps you have there! No wonder you need to claim some space back!

    You'll feel tonnes happier once it's done, I did mine back in the summer and actually enjoying throwing the old stuff away.

    All the best for the new year :-)


  5. Well done on the clear up and sort out and ...Happy New Year!

  6. That's a truly purposeful clear up underway. I think I need you to send me some of those tidying vibes; well done you for bringing in the New Year with a revitalised space.

    Have a happy and crafty 2011
    Bernie #17

  7. Wow.. .big job but you will get there and won't it be great!
    Happy WOYWWing 2011
    joZarty x

  8. OMGosh thats a major job, how great it will be when you are done!

    Happy creative crafting in the New Year. Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10

  9. That's a load of unmounting; well done. But I'd never be able to get rid of anything I hadn't used in as little as 6 months - it would have to be more like 3 years. I love using old stamps so they feel new again. Happy New Year! S #48

  10. A great space saving idea...but I couldn't do it! I love my wood mounted stamps even though they take up too much space.
    Happy final WOYWW for 2010 and Happy 2011!
    Susan #13

  11. What a lot of stamps you have!
    Happy New year to you and yours
    Kirsty #43

  12. God there is a lot of stash There

  13. You go, girl! I thought that the blocks needed to be microwaved slightly to get the backing off but you're just going in like gangbusters it seems! I admired your ambition. Im struggling with the thought of making this a clutter busting year, craft space and otherwise....wish me luck (as one Texan to another, albeit displaced,one....I'm from San Antonio originally....*smile*)
    Thx for visiting and Happy New Year!

  14. Goodness what a lot of sorting out! It'll be all worth it. :) Enjoy your holidays.xx
    Sending you Best Wishes for the New Year & happy crafting. Gez.xx

  15. What a wonderful amount of stamps, and what a task to unmount them all, hope you get some time for crafting during the holidays.

    Happy New Year!


  16. I stopped using the wood blocks some time ago, just take up WAY to much storage space. I don't even spend money on the cling. I just use stick glue on the back of stamp & use an acrylic block and wash off the back of stamp & block when done. No problems at all. Happy cleanig and sorting. #75

  17. Wow! Really? Well it is a great way to start the new year. Happy crafting in the year ahead. Nice to have a fresh start. Hauoli makahiki hou from AmberInk (1)

  18. Well Carole, you go girl! How strong you are - I'm incapable of parting with my wood mounts but I totally get your logic in doing so...hope you and your renewed space will be very happy!

  19. Oh my goodness, you have been busy with your organising and being ruthless - sort of wish I could be too... but I just know if I got rid of stuff I would want it for something the following week!!
    Happy New Year!! Annette

  20. Wow thats a lot of stamps lol _ love all the organisation you are doing thats my sort of things ~ thanks for stopping by my blog have a great New Year ~ Nicky 38

  21. Where are you Carole? Are you buried under a pile of rubber stamps?

    Hope all is well with you.

    Happy 2011.

    Love Jules xx