Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOYWW 81 - I have An Excuse!

This is my first post for "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday". I found this blog last Thursday and spent a couple evenings looking at ALL the links. I just loved seeing the areas that the ladies all used to create. I also felt very happy that I was not the only one that did not have that perfect tidy work space that I always seem to come across at SCS or on YouTube. I don't know if I could function in that much organization; I think the stress to keep it neat would be overwhelming. LOL

So here is my workdesk for Wednesday, December 22, 2010. The actual tiny workspace currently has paper, pads and stamps for SCS sketch challenge. I set it out last night before I went to bed. If you would like to know a bit more about this chaos, I'll have more write up after the pictures.

The Close-up:

The Tunnel Shot:

The Long Shot:

So I think it's pretty obvious this is my kitchen. The sad part is that I do have an entire craftroom but it's completely unusable. Here is my excuse for using the kitchen.

Last year in late November I began the project from hell called Remodeling. This was a full gutting remodel that should have only taken two months, three on the outside. So instead of packing everything up and sending it off to storage, I used my office, craftroom and garage (even some of the master bedroom) to house all the displaced household goods. Unfortunately, the project did not finish until late May. MAY!!! Because I work full-time (and then some) I don't have a lot of time during the week to do normal chores, let alone special projects. It took me until early August just to get the kitchen, dining room and living rooms back in order. Since then, I've had no time (or even the will) to address my seriously abused and cluttered office and craft room. Somehow while all the household junk was stored in the office and craftroom, it multiplied. I swear I have put everything away, but there are still boxes filled with junk in both those rooms. Can you hear the whine in my voice? Pathetic, isn't it?

To add to this problem, do you think I stopped buying supplies, stamp sets, DP or anything while the remodel was in progress? Oh H-E-Double-hockey-sticks NO!!

So .... if I want to craft, I have to go digging in that craft room to find what I want (and most times I don't find it); or go digging through the boxes of new stuff that's just tossed in the craftroom ..... then I work in the kitchen or dining room.

So that is my lame, very lame excuse for using my brand spanking new, gorgeous kitchen as a craftroom. Good thing I live alone; I imagine if I had anyone living here they'd be very unhappy with half the kitchen always covered in paper, ink pads, ribbon, bling ................



  1. LOL!!!

    I sometimes take over the kitchen too .. .. but only until hubby comes home and then I move it all.

    If I lived on my own I would be lethal!!! I just know that I would take over every room in the house.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Welcome Carole. Just envision what your craft room could be like ;-) Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. LMAO x funny. Pathetic that I can totally relate. It's an addiction and doesn't matter how much stash we have, we still gotta buy

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  4. Oh my that is too funny! I can totally relate about the craft room - sad thing is that I don't have a reno as an excuse. Right now it's all the Christmas prezzies littering the floor awaiting wrapping!

    Have a great Christmas!

    Sheena #89

  5. S'ok Carole, you're with friends! We all understand the addiction. I'm also glad I don't live alone as the men in white coats would probably end up coming to take me away! Love the yummy blues you set out for your next project, and your kitchen looks totally gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Brenda 45

  6. Hi Carole - thanks for visiting today. I know exactly how you feel at the loss of your craft room - I was in a similar situation earlier this year when we did a full house refurbish and it lasted much longer than expected. All craft items were packed away, no computer access (no kitchen)etc. I feel your pain Carole, I really do!! Here's hoping that you get your craft room back very soon (start it today)!!!!!
    Hugs, Sylvia xxx

  7. Hi Carole

    Welcome to WOYWW. Dont worry your secrets are safe with us....isnt it funny how in work life we can be so organised yet in our creative life so chaotic. I think it makes us that bit more interesting though!

    thanks for your visit earlier. still cleaning work dust and hoping to restructure my craft room soon

    caroline #63

  8. Don't feel too bad as it will eventually sort itself out. I live alone also and when it starts look clutterd, half the time, I really have to put forth the effort to clean it up and yes about an hour later it all starts to return. Do no know how that happens. #70

  9. WoW! Welcome to WOYWW! You know it's addictive!!
    Actually on a scale of one to ten, your kitchen's not too bad! Mine is worse...and the hall, and the living room, the bedroom, AND my craft room...poor hubby...yes my New Years Resolution was to be's been that for the last..mumble mumble years!
    Have a Lovely Christmas!!


  10. I can relate!!!
    It will get better, so enjoy your holidays!!!

  11. Firstly welcome to the totally addictive world of desk hopping, or in your case counter top hopping lol.. I hope you manage to stick to your new years resolution and get back into your crafty space. I wouldn't be without my little crafty room.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas
    Minxy #4

  12. Great Kitchen ... I too so need to sort out my craft area and it is my NY resolution too. You will find WOYWW snooping very adictive but fun. Have a very happy christmas.

  13. Well if you lived in Chicago I'd come over to your craft room and organize it for you!

    I know exactly what you mean about the project from h--l! Same thing happened to us when we got new windows. Project stretched on for M-O-N-T-H-S! Only good thing was when the workers tore a huge whole in the kitchen wall, they found a slew of antique memorabilia in the walls from 1908! Which of course I used in my artwork..

    Thanks for stopping by my space too!

    Happy Holidays,

  14. Welcome to WOYWW! Your kitchen is beautiful! I hope you will be able to get into your craft room again soon as I can't see how you can cook in your kitchen. Although, that is a great reason to eat out or order in! Aha, now I get it!
    I had a snoop on your blog and your cards are gorgeous! So, the kitchen/craft room is working for you!
    Merry Xmas and have a very crafty New Year!
    xoxo Karen

  15. I forgot to say.... you asked if the sticks in my Advent Calendar box were tongue depressors. They are just like them but I did buy them at the craft store, lol, they call them craft sticks!

  16. LOL... I was looking at the photos and thinking 'now there's a smart girl, she too has kitted her craft room out with kitchen units (you can see my permanent scraproom pics in my sidebar if you are nosey enough) and then I read the blurb and laughed... oops... it is your gorgeous kitchen you are using as a scraproom)!! Hope the New Year's Resolution works out... think of all the lovely stash you will find!! Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Annette

  17. Welcome to WOYWW - its should come with a waring its addictive lol Love the fact of using the kitchen to craft - I am a terrible cook so it would suit me perfectly at least I could create something usuable that way - hope you had a good Christmas ~ Nicky 52

  18. You have a good reason, not an excuse. I have NO excuse or reason... I'm just always in a mess that spreads to other rooms.
    I bet you get glitter in your cooking too!! heh heh! thanks for a late fun snoop and hope you had a great Christmas,
    joZarty x