Friday, July 22, 2011

A work in progress

The picture to the left is the reason I have been MIA for a month. My craft room make-over has taken a lot of my free time for many weeks, heck months actually, and I have to admit, I am so very pleased with how well it is coming along. I am now to the point where I can craft again and just organize when the mood hits me.

I promised a friend that has listened to me go on and on about this room for the last few months, that I would post pictures before she leaves on vacation today. So that is why I am posting before the room is completely done. Also, please forgive the poor quality of the pictures. I'm still getting used to this new camera and can't seem to get the hang of it. The thing with HiDef cameras is you have to have a very, VERY steady hand .... which is clearly something I don't have. LOL

Anyway on to the room. The first picture (above) was taken standing in the doorway looking in. The mess behind the desk is a window seat that has my son's junk on the bottom and various craft storage containers on top. I plan to tackle this mess over the weekend. All the necessary furniture is in place and everything that was once scattered all over my house is now in this room. It may not be in its final place yet, but I'm hoping by the end of August to have the last of the organization done.

These are the shelves I had been waiting for. They are perfect and by perfect I mean storage and size wise. There is less than half an inch between closet door and left edge; and just shy of an inch on the right edge and the main door. The unit is 55" tall with the space on the inner shelves slightly less than 12". Not much on this shelf other than the jars and SU card stock bins and surplus is in its final place. I need to determine what I want on the Elfa wall unit before I can finalize this one. The big bag of Martha Stewart punches will go on metal shelves next to the hanging wall unit eventually.

These next two are of the shelves on the craft table. The Bazzill card stock storage will remain where it is, I like it there. However the items in the shelves on the side may or may not stay put. For now it works.

Here is another shot of the short wall with all the Elfa storage (the Container Store just loves seeing me pull up) and a few labels to show how I have organized some of it. The best thing about the lower units is I can switch things around anytime I get the urge. Other than the narrow units in the center, all the drawers on the outer units can be rearranged. For the most part, I have the labeled drawers where I want them. Oh and that Cricut over in the junk stack; never been used; can't figure that thing out to save my life. Of course I think something like the Cricut requires patience, and I'm in the negative on that score. LOL

This one is obvious; my stamp holder. The old style full size craft pads are in the lower unit and the regular SU! stamp pads in the upper. There are a dozen or so colors that I have, but rarely use, tucked into the lower unit as well. I have my Distress pads stacked on the top of the lower unit.

This is a shot standing in the corner by the closet shooting into the opposite corner. The mesh shoe hanging thingie holds my old style SU! punches and a few other types. I'm not sure if I will keep this once I get the metal shelves on the wall next to the Elfa unit, but for now its a great fit.

This is how I store my Spellbinder and other dies (excluding Verve). These fabulous folders are magnetic and very sturdy. I have them sorted by shapes or style; or by company. I haven't figured out a good labeling system yet so I have to pull the books out of the bin partway so I can see the small sticky notes on the front to determine what is inside. I think I will number the edges and then keep an excel file for look up. That’s the plan for now anyway. :)

This is all my surplus SU and Bazzill card stock. Off to the side is the last of the Cool Caribbean and Soft Sky; two of my all time favorite colors SU has ever produced. I tend to stock up on the In Colors if I really like them knowing they will sadly never return. Kiwi was another In color that I loved and am sadly down to my last two packs. :(

These fabulous containers are made by ZIA and were purchased at The Container Store. I LOVE them. They hold the SU! cling stamps perfectly. They are currently sitting on the workspace top, but will go up on the shelves above once I get a row of those canvas bins sorted and reassigned.


  1. Wow Carole

    How amazing and utterly beautiful your room is. If this was mine I would never want to leave it.

    I certainly wouldn't be worried about the kitchen that's for sure!!! LOL!!!

    I can almost smell the newness of it all and I love how you have labelled everything up.

    What time did you say you want me in the morning?

    Love Jules xx

  2. OMG, Carole!!! What an absolutely fabulous craft must be walking on clouds!!!

  3. Tee hee Carole .. .. I keep coming back for another look .. .. I love it!!!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. A beautiful craft room, lady!! Enjoy and can't wait to see what you do with your cards now! They were fantastic before!!

  5. Having your own crafting space is awesome! I do love my room. We did a make over here about 18 months ago...and I'm still loving it!! I have pics on my blog is you want to see it. You have a LOT more storage space than I do....I think I'll show my hubby that I DON'T have more crafty supplies than everyone else! LOL!!!

  6. wow, I am super jealous, I have visions of this kind of space for myself one day, but for the moment i'll just have to be happy with my desk and drawers.
    Kelly xx

  7. A-MAZING! I can't wait to see it in action!