Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well it's been forever since I posted. My camera broke and then the computer went. A couple months back I finally bought a new computer and hopefully with my birthday coming up I'll get the gift certs I've been begging for and can finally replace my camera. I can log on at work and look around, however the filters would not allow me to "log on" to my blog or even SCS so I've been playing like a ghost; just watching and not interacting. :(

Card making has been on hold for many months while work takes up 12 to 14 hours of each weekday. The weekends have been chore filled and used for making up on lost sleep. By mid-September the budgets will be in and I can get back to a normal work week (10 hour days!! - gotta love Corporate America). Actually ignore that snarky remark, I am more than grateful to have a job in this current climate. :)

I placed a huge SU! order a couple weeks back ..... I probably should have used that money for the camera, but my priorities are not always in the right place. ;) It was a two box order and although I have opened the box and checked everything over, I have yet to actually put it away and begin using my new toys. If I can get that camera before the budget season is done, I'll take a picture of this haul ..... it's the largest order I've ever placed.

So here's looking forward to mid-September when I can reclaim my personal time and get back into the hobby that gives me the greatest pleasure.

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  1. So happy to hear that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you will be able to get some crafty time in soon. Hope you'll be able to share some of your creations! Enjoy your new su order, it's so fun getting new supplies! Take care!