Monday, January 5, 2009

This is my first post here at blogger. I can't wait to get back into stamping as I've been away from it for some time. 2008 was an awful year for me, filled with one disaster after another, which make it impossible to get inspired.

Last week I suddenly found my email filled with SCS gallery replies to a card I had made ages ago. At first I thought that someone must have found the card by searching through the True Friend Stamp gallery; which would have popped the card into the current comments section and others were just replying to be nice. But the replies kept coming, so I finally made my way back to Splitcoast to see if I could figure out why my card had suddenly become popular. I was completely blown away to find that Roxy had used my card as the example for a sketch challenge. To me, thats a huge honor.

From there I looked up some old friends and found that a fabulous group of ladies that I used to follow and chat with had started their own blog. I immediately looked them up and found myself once again inspired and even managed to make a card using a sketch challenge they posted a few weeks back. (I'll try and remember to take a picture of it tonight and get it posted)

I felt a big part of my loneliness melt away when making that card. I never realized how much it meant to me. So I signed up here and will get myself back into my unfinished craft room and get busy making my much loved cards.

So for now, here is an older card that happens to be in my photobucket.

Thanks for looking in.


  1. Yeah! Here you are! Whoo Hoo! Your card is precious! I am so glad you were inspired to make this adorable little card! It will be fun being bloggers together! Giggle!

    You bad, bad girl....why did you decide to get inspired at the very worse time of year for you? Well, you will just have to fight through your issues at work over the next 4 months and visit and make cards! Hee!

  2. Okay, I was just reading your stuff again and realized this is not the card you made recently so I can look forward to seeing another real soon! I will be waiting girlfriend!!!

  3. Welcome to blogland, Carole! I am excited to see you are coming back to post more. I am following you so you can follow me too if you like. You need to get on over to Cindy's (Mothermark)blog too! I love your card and all of the detail! I can't wait to see the coming attractions.

  4. Carole, you are going to have some visitors. I have an award waiting for you on my blog. I can't wait to see what you post next. Your card is really really detailed and lovely too!

  5. Carole,

    I came across your blog and saw the card you made and thought it was so beautiful. Then I read your desires to begin posting again and it really inspired me.

    Over at The Lime Light Design Team, we have decided to have your blog as our Featured Blog this time around. Please feel free to stop by and see what was written about you.


  6. Carole, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my ferret sympathy card! Your work is wonderful and I hope you find some time to create again very soon.